The Best Kid Valentine Breakfast Ideas At Your Disposal -

The Best Kid Valentine Breakfast Ideas At Your Disposal

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Valentine’s Day is an occasion to celebrate love and these celebrations are not limited to couples only. Children are a symbol of testifying love and they hold a place of gravity among loving relationships. Also, they are pure and innocent at heart, giving away love to anything that comes to them. As such, nowadays, valentines are celebrated with kids by making some extraordinary delicacies that please their curious sense of taste. Parents can give a kick start to the festivities with some kid valentine breakfast ideas. Here are some of them.

French Toast With Cream And Strawberry – One Of The Kid Valentine Breakfast Ideas

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This breakfast dish is one of the perfect themes for Valentine’s Day for the kids. The taste and aroma of strawberries and the sweetness of the cream are everything that can flare up the mood of kids for the entire day. These toasts utilize creams flavored with almond as a topping and are made of strawberries themselves. It will require some brioche bread dipped in egg and cooked until it turns golden. Finally, some strawberry sauce is added over it and the entire process just takes about twenty minutes.

Pancakes Of Red Velvet

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The enriched softness and fluffiness of pancakes made of red velvet is something very connected with the occasion of the valentines which is why these pancakes are among the perfect kid valentine breakfast ideas. Some creamy glaze of cheese will add to the taste. Pancakes make the best breakfast recipes because of their unique ability to combine and accept flavors along with the opportunity to add stunning surface beauty. The entire dish takes about thirty minutes, with fifteen minutes for preparation and fifteen for cooking. It makes the best use of cream cheese in the category.

Cinnamon Rolls Of Red Velvet Is Also One Among The Kid Valentine Breakfast Ideas

Children love cinnamon rolls and these red velvet ones are too tasty for them to miss out on. They are evenly topped with a frosting of brown butter and rich vanilla to add up to their charm. The peaceful fluffiness and the deliciousness of the red velvet ingredients are a combination to vouch out for. The recipe is super easy to process with the use of yeast and the fillings are made simply by using cocoa powder, sugar butter, and cinnamon complemented with red velvet. Additionally, the use of chocolate and vanilla bring out the best of all worlds.

Valentine Themed Breakfast Biscuits

These biscuits are so crispy and tasty that kids will demand them every morning thereon from valentines. The biscuits are super easy to be made and combine the best of baking and jam usage. It requires some refrigerated biscuits, some liberal amounts of strawberry jam, about two tablespoons of milk, and powdered sugar to have it as kid valentine breakfast ideas. 


Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion to celebrate the presence of children that only strengthens the love between family members. These breakfast ideas will definitely help parents and other family members in expressing their sweet gratitude to them for filling their lives with more love.

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