Paleo Breakfast For Kids - How To Keep Them Healthy -

Paleo Breakfast For Kids – How To Keep Them Healthy

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As children, we were taught the importance of a healthy breakfast, and now that we’re adults and have children, it’s just as important. 

Our pre-agricultural, hunter-gatherer ancestors, the “cavemen,” ate a Paleolithic diet designed to mimic what they ate (or cavewomen). This diet is designed that way. 

The paleo diet focuses on whole, unprocessed foods and does not include dairy products in its menus. You can have a high fiber, seed, and nut-based paleo breakfast with fresh fruit to start the day off right. In addition, meat and eggs can provide you with a protein boost in the morning hours. Use these paleo breakfast recipes to start your kid’s day with nutrient-dense meals.

Vegetables and fruit are included in the diet along with nuts and seeds, herbs, spices, and healthy oils. That means you can’t eat anything that’s been reprocessed or refined. That means you can’t drink soda, eat dairy, eat soy or eat grains.

In addition to helping you to reduce your reliance on processed convenience foods, it also excludes some healthy food choices, such as whole grains and legumes

Paleo Breakfast For Kids – Immune Booster Smoothie

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These smoothies are easy to make but have a powerful immune-boosting punch with elderberries, vitamin C, and gut-building probiotics! Kid-friendly in terms of taste. 

Paleo Breakfast For Kids – Booster Of The Immune System

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Vitamin C: The immune system is supported by vitamin C, which, when sourced correctly, can help your body fight infections faster.

Probiotics: Since the majority of your immune system is located in your gut, maintaining a healthy population of good bacteria is essential. It is necessary to maintain a balance in the bacterial community

Elderberry syrup: Elderberry syrup is great for colds and flu because it helps to support the body during viruses. To make the smoothie sweeter, it also has a pleasant taste.

Paleo Breakfast For Kids – Ingredients

¾ cup organic berry. Any frozen berries will do, as long as they’re organic.

One cup of raw whole milk, yogurt, or coconut milk (water works too in a pinch)

Melted organic coconut oil, about 1 to 2 cups (depending on your taste)

A half-juice lemon’s

2 cups cold-soluble grass-fed collagen 

Elderberry syrup made from scratch, 1 tbs

Paleo Breakfast For Kids – How To Make

Now blend everything. And your smoothie is ready to be consumed by your young ones. You might want to add some of the creativity when you present the breakfast to the kids to make sure they find the food interesting to consume. If there is a slight hint of healthy greens they are able to obviously locate, then it is going to be a difficult time to convince them to have it. 


This drink is perfect for breakfast or lunch, you’ll love this immune booster smoothie. Filling protein with gut-supporting grass-fed collagen. Popsicles could also be made from it. You can reduce the risk of chronic diseases in children by encouraging them to consume fewer processed foods and refined sugars. This diet does not include any kind of sugar. So, it is helpful for your kid’s growth.

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