Kid-Friendly Breakfast Ideas To Make Your Tiny Tot Relish Healthy Foods -

Kid-Friendly Breakfast Ideas To Make Your Tiny Tot Relish Healthy Foods

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Kids nowadays are fussy about eating food. With the sedentary lifestyle that most children have adopted in this pandemic period, the children have stopped having breakfast. They have started skipping breakfast because they find it boring. Earlier, when physical classes were going on, children used to bring their tiffin boxes back home without eating their food. It has created a tense environment for mothers because they get worried about their kids not receiving the required nutrients. So, many mothers have started to look for Kid-Friendly Breakfast Ideas. Many mothers started to explore their creative side to feed their tiny tot. Kids are innocent and get influenced by eating food cut in different shapes. It always excites them when they are served with heart-shaped or triangle-shaped food. Kid-Friendly Breakfast Ideas have helped parents worldwide to end their complaints of their child skipping breakfast. Junk food always attracts kids, they are happy when they are served pizza, burgers, fries, chips, etc., but they are unaware of the health hazards these foods can cause. So, to bait the kid, it is necessary to get your hands on Kid-Friendly Breakfast Ideas. These Kid-Friendly Breakfast Ideas are easy and do not require any extra effort.

Kid-Friendly Breakfast Ideas To Level Up Your Breakfast Game 

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Manipulating the kids of the present generation into eating a healthy breakfast is a task. So, here are some Kid-Friendly Breakfast Ideas to make it easy for you.

 Fruit And Yogurt Parfaits

This is a fancy way of getting your kid to eat fruits and yogurt in one meal. 

The ingredients are- vanilla yogurt 3 cups, chilled or fresh strawberries 1 cup, fresh raspberries, blueberries, blackberries 1 pint, granola 1 cup.

Directions to make are- Take four glasses and begin layering the vanilla flavored yogurt in them. Mix the strawberries with other fresh berries. Fill granola and berries in alternate layers with yogurt till the glasses get filled to the top. Serve them immediately to keep the crunch of granola alive.

Strawberry Bruschetta 

This is one of the sweetest and easiest Kid-Friendly Breakfast Ideas. The recipe is simple and only consists of four ingredients. 

The ingredients are- ½ inch thick, three slices of white bread, unsalted butter 2 to 3 tablespoons, sugar 3 to 5 teaspoons, then sliced strawberries. 

The directions to cook are- take a grill pan and heat it over medium-high gas. Grill the slice of bread until it turns golden brown. Grill it for about 2 minutes on each side. Evenly spread butter on the toast. Evenly place the strawberries on each toast. Sprinkle sugar over them and broil them until the sugar gets caramelized. 

Cloudy Eggs

Are poached eggs too boring for your child? Well, now is the time to say hello to cloudy eggs with sunshine in the center. 

The ingredients are- 4 eggs, salt, four slices of bread, nonstick spray for cooking.

The directions are- preheat your oven to 350 degrees F. Place a baking sheet and cover it in cooking spray. Take four small bowls and coat them with the spray. Separate the egg whites carefully from the yolk and put them in medium and small bowls, respectively. Add regular salt to the egg white and beat with a mixer. Beat it till the stiff peaks form. Put four scoops of egg white onto a baking sheet and make a hole between each one of them. For 6 minutes, bake the egg white till they begin to turn brown. Then pour egg yolks into each hole and bake it again for about 3-4 minutes. Serve it on top of the buttered toast. 


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To conclude, Kid-Friendly Breakfast Ideas are a go-to for all mothers facing problems in keeping their children full and fueled. These Kid-Friendly Breakfast Ideas are high in all vitamins and meet the child’s daily nutrition requirements.

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