High Protein Breakfast Ideas For Kids I Top Breakfast Recipes

High Protein Breakfast Ideas For Kids

High Protein Breakfast Ideas For Kids

We’ve heard it more than once: high protein breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And it is not a myth of food, it is something true. Starting the morning with energy to face what we have ahead is vital but, besides, preparing a good breakfast early helps our metabolism to work faster to burn a greater amount of calories throughout the day.

And that’s not all! A good breakfast helps us feel full. And what result does this have? Well, something as tremendously beneficial as avoiding that “hunger between hours” that is so bad to keep the extra pounds at bay.

In short, if you want to lose weight and satisfy yourself with high protein breakfast you must do it correctly, introducing a variety of nutrients, including proteins. That contribution will help you precisely avoid that hunger between the hours that enter us during the morning and that often causes us to sin by eating snacks, sweets, pastries, and other processed and few recommended foods.

4 High Protein Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast 1: Oatmeal, Fruit And Milk

High Protein Breakfast Ideas For Kids
High Protein Breakfast Ideas For Kids

Put in a bowl the amount of milk you want (better if skimmed) and add 40 grams of oatmeal. If you prefer, you can also substitute milk for yogurt. Then add some fruit cut into pieces. You have several options: kiwi, banana, strawberry, etc. Choose the ones you prefer! You can top off the recipe by adding some chia seeds or nuts.

Breakfast 2: Tortilla And Juice

Prepare an omelet and an egg white. If you want, you can put the tortilla on some whole wheat toast. Complete it with an orange juice.

Breakfast 3: Vegetable Wrap

If you are looking for original ideas to get a little out of the traditional high protein breakfast, perhaps this option is ideal for you because it is practically about eating a sandwich in the morning. You can do it on bread or wrap pancake. Inside, you can put lettuce, boiled egg (or scrambled), turkey, tomato, avocado, etc. Accompany it with a fruit juice.

Breakfast 4: Toast With Egg And Avocado

High Protein Breakfast Ideas For Kids
High Protein Breakfast Ideas For Kids

Choose the bread that you like the most from all the varieties you can find in the supermarket (with seeds, whole grain). Make a toast and mash avocado to place on top of these. 

After this, slice an egg passed through water and season the toast to taste. Accompany all this with a coffee with skim milk.

The egg, in addition to being a very nutritious protein, has a substance called choline, capable of improving memory and cognitive performance – when preparing it, preferably use ghee or clarified butter. The fruit, mixed with oat bran and seeds, will complement the meal with vitamins and fiber. The seeds can be chia, flaxseed or sunflower.

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