Healthy Breakfast For Kids: Tips And Products

Healthy Breakfast For Kids: Tips And Products

The routine returns to normal with the new course and it is always recommended that children do not attend classes on an empty stomach but that their brain requires a minimum of energy to function properly. Therefore, although a super breakfast is not necessary there are those who choose to do it and here we leave healthy breakfast for kids on the way back to school.

If we want to take care of the children’s health and keep it away from products filled with sugar, salt, trans fats and other components of poor quality, it is advisable to prepare healthy breakfast for kids with our own hands. To achieve this, some options are:

Dishes To Replace Cookies And Commercial Breads

If we want healthy alternatives to commercial cookies, buns and industrial breads that can hide poor quality nutrients, here are some recipes you can make for breakfast:

Oatmeal, Banana And Almond Cookies

There is healthy energy concentrated in these cookies very easy to make, with quality fats, fiber and a variety of vitamins and minerals for the body.

Oatmeal and apple cookies: to make even with the help of children, these cookies rich in fiber and with quality energy are highly recommended in replacement of commercial sweet options.

Banana And Coconut Cookies With Sunflower Seeds

Although they have no flour inside or sugar they are a good source of energy for children and are an alternative for those who cannot eat gluten.

Integral juicy sponge cake with fruits: for a special breakfast, this sponge cake can be the appropriate alternative: it has a lot of fiber, vitamins, minerals, fats, and proteins of quality for the organism and can provide all the energy that the kids need for the return to school.

Healthy Breakfast For Kids – Portable Smoothie Blender Electric Juicer

You would now be able to appreciate a tasty natural product squeeze whenever and anyplace with the Portable Smoothie Blender Electric Juicer. Essentially put the organic products inside, include water or milk, and mix! Incredible breakfast and drink in a hurry thought on the off chance that you are continually surging your approach to work. Simply set up the fixings and you can mix later.

Healthy Breakfast For Kids: Tips And Products
Healthy Breakfast For Kids: Tips And Products


  • Battery-powered – can be associated with a power bank, PC, and so on.
  • Made of tough quality with the up-to-date plan

Healthy Breakfast For Kids – Sandwich Maker Breakfast Toastie Grill

Just pre-heat first the machine and you can directly after put every one of the fixings. Biscuits fit impeccably with the round state of this machine press. Supplement the biscuit on the base, and after that, you can include cheddar turkey meat or burger patty on top. Cut down the top layer so you can include an egg which consequently cooks following 5 minutes! At that point put the top biscuit and close the machine. That is it! Set the clock in 5 minutes and when you return, your scrumptious sandwich is finished! You can likewise attempt various plans you like and even use waffles as the bun!

Healthy Breakfast For Kids: Tips And Products
Healthy Breakfast For Kids: Tips And Products


  • Brisk and simple, prepared in 5 minutes
  • You can Toast the bread delicately
  • Simple to clean removable parts
  • Minimal and compact
  • Tough quality
  • Lightweight
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