Easy Healthy Breakfast Burritos You Can Make Ahead Of Time

healthy breakfast burritos

There are few things more satisfying than eating a healthy breakfast burritos. I love to have this with a nice bowl of soup or an apple and some berries, however sometimes it can be difficult to find healthy breakfast burritos in my area. So what I do is make my own. This way I know that I’m eating healthy and I can enjoy some great tasting food as well.

Easiest And Most Healthy Breakfast

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If you’re like me, you might be waking up in the morning with a hangover. Sometimes, even though I’m not sick, I still get a stomach ache. This happens because I eat so much during the day, especially right before I go to work. One of the easiest and most healthy breakfast burritos to make is quick and easy quesadillas with some scrambled eggs, black beans, some salsa and sour cream.

You’ll need some tortillas, some tomatoes, black beans and some Greek yogurt. Now, you can make your healthy breakfast burritos in a couple of different ways. First, you can use a tortilla to make some thin crackers for your tacos. This is a great way to add some protein into your diet without overloading yourself with carbohydrates. You can also bake the tortillas in the microwave for an extra crispy texture.

Using The Microwave

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One other way that I like to eat my healthy breakfast burritos is by using the microwave and chopping them up real good. You can use a blender, processor or a mortar and pestle to make some real nice chunks. You can then add some salsa to the top and let your salsa rest while you mix the ingredients together in the microwave. You will end up with some warm and gooey burritos in no time.

As far as eating healthy breakfast burritos goes, there are a few things you should remember. One is to make sure that you’re eating a meal that contains lots of vegetables and fruit. For example, if you’re having a chicken salad, you can easily eat vegetables such as spinach, cucumber and celery. If you have ham, turkey or tuna on your menu, consider serving your meal with another vegetable or fruit such as avocado.

Whole-grain Tortillas

Another important thing to remember is that you should use healthy breakfast burritos that are made from whole-grain tortillas. If you’re only eating Mexican food, then you can use any tortilla. However, if you’re having Mexican food for lunch, then you should be making your burritos with flour tortillas. The flour tortillas will help you avoid ingesting too much fat and sodium that’s in many tortilla chips and other similar foods. For example, if you’re at a Mexican restaurant, and you see a couple of dirty plates, ask the manager if they have a table for burritos.

Bottom Line

Another quick and easy healthy breakfast is the use of refried beans. In this meal preparation, all you have to do is to take a serving of refried beans, place it on a tortilla, add some salsa and guacamole to it, and eat as you normally would. This makes it very easy and simple to prepare because you don’t need anything else to make it up. In addition, you don’t have to worry about any leftovers as long as you have refrigerated refried beans on hand. Make ahead healthy breakfast meals are an effective way to save time and money in the mornings. So try them out today!

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