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Easy Christmas Breakfast Ideas to Make This Season Feel Like Christmas

easy christmas breakfast

Are you looking for some easy Christmas breakfast ideas? It’s that time of the year again when families are getting together and Christmas shopping is in the air. If you’re a kids‘ parent, you probably have even more stress and homework to deal with. You may be tempted to skip meals and instead sip hot chocolate and watch reruns. Before you make that move, consider these tips for creating a delicious, healthy and cost effective breakfast for your little ones.

Get The Ingredients

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First, get out the ingredients and get to work. Look through your cupboards and you’ll find that cinnamon has been a staple of those warm winter mugs since the Middle Ages. You can use cinnamon in so many recipes, it’s almost amazing that people continue to use it so often. Try adding a few pieces to your next mug of cocoa for a nice, warm treat.

Get out some cheese and crackers. For inspiration, I recommend sampling some of the more exotic cheeses like goat cheese or smoked ham. You can also choose to go with a more common alternative like hard cheeses. I’ve even seen people go with smoked turkey bacon for their sandwiches!

Ham Sandwich

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Speaking of ham, you can make a nice ham sandwich for a nice and warm start to your day. To make the sandwich, thinly slice a ham and roll it between two sheets of bread until it is completely covered in the toasted bread. Place a piece of fruit on top and load up with veggies. You can even add an egg if you’d like a breakfast that is slightly more nutritious.

You can also use cinnamon to spice up your oatmeal. In a mixing bowl, add three tablespoons of dried cinnamon. Stir it into the oats and stir until the cinnamon is completely blended. You can then heat it up in the microwave or cook it the same way you would raisins or chips.

Best Ingredients

Cinnamon is a natural mood lifter. Consider putting a cinnamon stick in a glass of warm milk. Then stir it into the cup of your favorite cereal for a delicious treat that will keep you calm and pleasant throughout the day. You can also take cinnamon extract and mix it into your favorite yogurt. The natural sweetness of the extract will keep you satisfied while giving you some health benefits at the same time.

To avoid overeating, try eating a portion of healthy food first thing in the morning. For instance, instead of having a large slice of cake, grab a muffin. You’ll be surprised how much flavor and fiber the muffin can offer you as well as being much healthier than a large slice of cake. This way, you can enjoy all the benefits of breakfast while keeping your weight down throughout the day.

These are just a few breakfast ideas that won’t break the bank. If you’re trying to find a way to make an easy and delicious Christmas breakfast without spending a lot of time cooking, consider making a ham or cinnamon ham sandwich for your early morning breakfast. Other easy breakfasts include French toast and oatmeal toasts. If you enjoy the taste of warm cereal, you’ll love making fresh oatmeal cookies for your morning run. All these breakfast ideas are just as delicious and nutritious as they come with a tasty and flavorful treat.

Eat Healthy

Of course, there are so many different types of recipes out there that it’s hard to know where to start. You can make gingerbread or raisin cinnamon buns, kettle corn muffins, and even turkey bread sandwiches. Give any lunch a holiday boost by bringing your favorite easy Christmas breakfast to work.

Remember that you don’t have to stop at fast food restaurants for your morning meal. If you have time, make your own healthy homemade food to enjoy for breakfast or snack time. It’s fun to experiment with new ingredients and flavors, and you’ll likely end up with an easy yet delicious meal. Plus, it saves money and you’ll be sure to stay away from unhealthy frozen food that is full of preservatives and other additives.


Whatever you decide, making your food at home is a healthy and fun way to enjoy the season. Plus, when you come home from a long day and realize that you left your favorite foods at home, it will mean that you can start the day off right and enjoy your morning coffee. It’s really that simple. Give your breakfast an easy start in the morning and it will be one of the best meals of the day.

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