Delicious Decorative Christmastime Baking Basket Ideas for Kids -

Delicious Decorative Christmastime Baking Basket Ideas for Kids

christmas breakfast for kids

Kids love eating. Christmas morning is about to begin for many families, so it’s time to start thinking about what you are going to put in their Christmas breakfasts. Traditionally, a Christmas breakfast has consisted of a turkey dinner, followed by maple or apple cider for breakfast. Today though, many families have started putting out ham and cheese on Christmas mornings instead. For some families, the ham and cheese are not even that big of a deal.

Christmas Breakfast For Kids

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To make this simple yet delicious Christmas breakfast for children, just follow your all-time favorite ham and cheese recipe and add a layer of green food color to it. You can make a ham and cheese sandwich with a piece of whole-grain bread, some milk and a bit of food coloring if you wish. This can be served either hot or cold, and you can even dip the bread into a little melted chocolate for a very sweet and toasty Christmas breakfast for kids.

Many families like to serve a variety of different fruits on their Christmas morning breakfast. This works well for parents because they can easily make-ahead Christmas breakfast recipes for the kids to help them have something tasty to munch on throughout the day. Some of the more popular fruits include berries, bananas, pineapples, peaches and apples. You can find many other fruits and vegetables that can be used or incorporated into your make-ahead Christmas breakfast recipes.


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Another great addition to make-ahead breakfast recipes is bacon. You can use bacon grease for cooking the muffins, or you can make a honey mustard mixture to top off the muffins. Both methods work well and are a lot less expensive than buying pre-cooked bacon. You could also consider making your own bacon as well. Either way, you will love the taste of fresh homemade bacon over the pre-packaged variety.

If you are looking for a fun Christmas breakfast idea for kids this year, you should try mixing up some cupcakes with holiday-themed frosting and filling. You could do oatmeal angel food or white frosting for sandwiches or cupcakes. You could also create sugar sprinkles for muffins or cakes or put some candy into the middle of the cupcakes for a fun decoration. Most children love to eat Christmas cookies, so if you have some leftovers from the breakfast you will make, why not add some baking chips to the mix?

Popular Recipes

Other popular Christmas morning breakfast options include fruit-flavoured pancakes, French toast or waffles. If you are thinking about French toast, try using blueberries instead of chocolate syrup, or you could replace the syrup with a blend of blueberries and yogurt. A very nice alternative to fried foods is to make blueberry pancakes. Just mix together the dry ingredients (flour, baking powder, blueberries and yogurt) and turn out the pancake mix into a dough.

A great addition to any fruit-themed Christmas breakfast is fruit kabobs. These are a fun way to use all sorts of fruits in a delicious and colorful manner. You can make them with blueberries, raspberries, strawberries or any other fruity that your child enjoys. Instead of putting plain old white chocolate into the kabobs, drizzle melted white chocolate over and serve with maple or cream cheese on top. You can also substitute orange chocolate chips for white chocolate, which also pairs well with maple and cream cheese.

Bottom Line

If your child prefers green food coloring instead of milk or juice, you can put green food coloring into the green food coloring bottle, which you will also fill up with fruit juice or milk. Mix in the dry ingredients and freeze the mixture until it hardens, then spoon it into little cupcake holders. For a Christmas breakfast which everyone will be raving about, include cranberries and raisins as well. Serve warm, and enjoy!

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