Best Healthiest Chinese Foods to Try

Healthiest Chinese Foods

As Chinese food is one of the most popular cuisines in the United States, we thought we would write an article on what we believe to be some of the healthiest Chinese foods. We also think they taste great and hope you do too, enjoy!

1. Steamed fish with ginger and green onion

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This is a simple dish that will surely satisfy your seafood cravings if you are trying to eat more healthy. First place a filet of white fish on a plate, season it with salt and pepper, then top it with thinly sliced pieces of ginger and green onion. Place the plate in the steamer for 10 minutes or until nice and flaky. You can either enjoy this dish as is or top it off with some soy sauce mixed with rice vinegar. Either way, we’re sure you will enjoy this delicious just-steamed meal!

2. Stir-fried veggies

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Stirfried vegetables are one of our staples when we have dinner at home, especially during those cold winter months! These veggies are great and easy to make, just sautee them with a little sesame oil and soy sauce. We like to add tofu for some extra protein as well. It’s easy and really delicious!

3. Steamed buns

This dish is quite popular in northern China as the weather gets colder and colder as winter approaches. If you’ve never tried these before we would definitely recommend it, the meaty broth inside the bun is so yummy! To prepare this dish first grab one of those pre-made packages of buns (or any bread you’d like) that you can easily find at your local grocery store, we like using hot dog buns because they’re cheap and soft. Once home we do not recommend microwaving, but instead toasting the bun a little bit in a regular oven. This will ensure that you will have a warm and tasty soft bread to enjoy once you are done making the soup-like filling! To make this dish we take water, beef broth cubes (beef stock works too), soy sauce, white pepper, minced ginger and green onion, add about 4 tablespoons of each if you’d like it spicier add more! Once mixed well pour it into your buns or bread bowls and eat up!

4. Noodle dishes

Because noodles are made from flour they will absorb flavours very well and because there is such a variety of noodle dishes out there we’re sure you’ll be able to find one that suits your tastes perfectly! Just remember to limit your intake of oil when eating noodle dishes, oil will absorb more quickly in the noodles so it’s important not to overdo it on this dish.

5. Lamb skewers

This is a traditional and one of the healthiest Chinese foods that can be found being sold on the streets, but there are also plenty of restaurants that serve them as well. This dish is great with rice if you’re looking for something satisfying and delicious while still attempting to eat healthy, the key to this meal is quality ingredients though!! We recommend buying fresh green onion, fresh garlic clove (instead of powder), real butter or ghee, high-quality lean lamb meat or beef, and make sure whatever vegetables you buy are organic!

6. Tofu dishes

Tofu is considered to be healthy because it’s low in fat, high in protein, relatively calorie-free, has carbohydrates and contains several important vitamins! The best way to enjoy tofu is not fried or heavily seasoned but instead stirfried with veggies or dipped in soy sauce. If you are looking for a menu item that will satisfy your taste buds without sacrificing your health, try tofu, it’s delicious!

7. Steamed rice

There are many people who believe that eating too much white rice is bad for your diet because of its carbohydrate content. However, if made correctly brown rice takes twice as long to cook so it would take 40 minutes just to prepare the same amount of steamed rice that you can have ready in 10-15 minutes using white rice. Steamed rice is made simply by putting 1 cup of dry rice in a colander, covering with water and placing it inside the steamer for 10-15 minutes (until you see little holes appear on top). Make sure that you don’t overcook your rice or it will become chewy! After cooking all you need to do is stick the colander under cold running water, let it drain and enjoy!

8. Skewered meats

There are many different types of skewered meat out there, chicken, beef, lamb, pork (just to name a few), grilled or broiled they make great appetizers before your main course! Just remember not to overdo the oil when grilling though, the meat will absorb it quickly and you’ll soon find yourself with a pile of grease on your plate!

9. Roasted meats and poultry

Roasted chicken, turkey, duck or even quail are all great choices if you’re looking for something light yet filling! It’s possible to find these dishes pre-made but we recommend roasting them yourself to ensure that there isn’t anything unhealthy added such as oil or butter (or other types of fat). If roasting the meats make sure they are brushed only with paprika and olive oil before you pop them in the oven, you can always add spices later once finished cooking if you’d like some extra flavour.

10. Chinese soups

This is probably one of the healthiest Chinese foods on the list when done right, most common Chinese soups are made with a chicken or beef stock so they’ve got all of that rich flavour but none of the added fat and sodium! Try making your broth at home with good quality meat and vegetables to ensure there isn’t any oil in it. Then add some egg whites (they contain lots of protein too) and your favourite veggies and you’ll have yourself a nice healthy soup dish in no time! Add some noodles if you’d like to make it more filling!

11. Stir-fried veggies

Vegetables require very little preparation and can be stir-fried in just 2-3 minutes which is why they make great appetizers or side dishes. Make sure to use quality ingredients and vegetables, opt for organic if possible and always cook them without adding any oil. When stir-frying your veggies you can add a little water instead of oil but just remember not to overdo it! Water isn’t as tasty as oil so you’ll need to season it after cooking with salt, pepper, etc.

12. Steamed dumplings

Dumplings are a very common dish served in many big Chinese cities such as Shanghai or Sichuan (where they originated from!). They make great snacks or meals when done properly because they’re cooked by steaming which is much healthier than frying! Just make sure that your filling doesn’t include too much fat such as pork belly (that’s where most of the fat is!) or you’ll soon find yourself with a few extra pounds!

13. Steamed buns

They’re tasty and can be filled with all kinds of fillings such as pork, beef or veggies which makes them a very versatile dish to eat throughout the day! They actually originate from Northern China but have since spread to nearly every part of Asia and are also known as mantou.

14. Brown rice noodles

If you’ve never tried brown rice noodles it’s important to know that they taste completely different from white rice noodles so if you don’t like one then there’s no chance that you’ll like the other! However, if you think eating too much white rice is bad for your health then you should try them because they are much healthier for you! You can buy them in most supermarkets these days and again, no preparation is required which makes them a great choice for when you are short on time.

15. Gluten-free noodles

These types of noodles are usually made with rice or corn flour which also makes them much healthier than regular white rice or wheat-based noodles. They’re tasty too so if you miss eating noodles while following a gluten-free diet then why not give these ones a go? We recommend trying the brown rice variety first because even though they taste different many people find it difficult to get used to the taste at first!

16. Buckwheat noodles

This type of noodles has grown very popular recently because it’s gluten-free just like the noodles mentioned above but is also known for containing lots of amino acids that are great for building muscle! You can buy them dried or fresh, just make sure to follow instructions on the packet so you know how long you need to soak/cook them.

17. Rice vermicelli noodles

Another type of rice noodle that tastes similar to chow mein or egg noodles except they’ve got a much better nutritional value! They typically contain some soybeans too so they’re rich in protein as well as carbohydrates – perfect for snacking on when you’re feeling hungry throughout the day without ruining your diet plan!

18. Dumpling wrappers

These dumpling wrappers are made with wheat flour which is why they’re high in carbohydrates and contain very little protein. They’re usually boiled or steamed but you can even fry them if you like! It’s important to check the ingredients list on the back of the pack before buying them because some brands might use other types of oil instead of peanut oil.

19. Potsticker wrappers

These dumpling wrappers are similar to gyoza wrappers except they don’t need pre-cooking which makes them much easier to prepare than potstickers because all you need to do is fill then fold! You can find them at nearly any supermarket that sells Asian food products so just keep your eyes peeled next time you visit one!

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