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7 Best Healthy Breakfast Ideas To Save Your Time In Kitchen

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The first meal of the day should be healthy, but we often end up eating whatever gets ready quickly due to lack of time. Some people even skip breakfast, thinking they would eat heavy on lunch. This severely affects health and drops energy levels. So, don’t skip breakfast and try these healthy breakfast ideas that get ready in no time. 

Start Your Morning With These 7 Best Healthy Breakfast Ideas 

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Add Oats To Your Meal

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Oats are a great source of fiber which aids in digestion and make you feel fuller. This way you don’t eat much and stay healthy. What is the best thing about oatmeals is that you can try different variations. Thus, your breakfast never goes boring. 

Oat Recipes To Try :

  1. You can make up with oats
  2. Oats cookie is a simple recipe that is delicious too
  3. Fruit and oats smoothie for extra taste and health


Extremely healthy and quick to make, a smoothie is your ultimate healthy breakfast. All you need is fresh fruits and a blender. Use hemp or chia seeds to make your smoothies super healthy. You can even make coffee, mango, blueberry, or any fruit smoothie of your choice at night and enjoy it fresh in the morning. 

Waffles And Pancakes

Nothing can be better than waffles and pancakes to satiate your sugar cravings in the morning. It’s obvious to feel cravings for sweets in the morning as your blood sugar level is low and your body craves glucose. But eating too much sugary food or added-sugar drinks are unhealthy and raise blood sugar level.

So, go for simple waffles with sugar alternatives like honey or maple syrup. Oat pancakes are the best option for those who are gluten sensitive. 


Tacos in your menu are one of the healthy breakfast ideas. It will quickly become your favorite morning meal. Get a taco, spread the tomato sauce, add some avocados, cilantro, scrambled egg, and black pepper. Your taco is ready. 

You Can Also Try These Healthy Taco Recipes:

  1. Bacon and Egg tacos
  2. Sweet potato tacos
  3. Roasted cauliflower tacos

Cookies For Breakfast

If you don’t have time to try all the above healthy breakfast ideas, then go for these pre-ready cookies. Make them on the weekend and enjoy all five days. However, go for healthy ingredients like carrot quinoa cookies, oatmeal cookies, Pumpkin, and chocolate chip cookies. 

Avoid adding granulated sugar and butter. Use stevia and nut butter instead. 

Eggs Breakfast

You can eat all day but the best time to eat them is in the morning when you need the protein most. So, go for scrambled eggs with a little seasoning or make omelets. Boiled eggs can be even better if you are getting late for the office.

However, in case you have extra hours, then make shakshuka for the entire family. The recipe gets ready with spinach, feta cheese, avocado, eggs, and all the homemade spices. You can enjoy it with peta bread. 

Healthy Bread

Bread is comfort food for those with big appetites. These can be healthy too with some fruits and seasonal veggies like Pumpkin. 

Try these 7 healthy breakfast ideas, and you’ll thank us later for saving your time.

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