5 Healthy And Easy Kid Breakfast Ideas For Morning

Easy Kid Breakfast Ideas

Eating healthy and nutritious breakfast is very essential for growing kids because it provides energy, feeling of fullness, and also prevents many diseases. Preparing breakfast at home is the best for kids but most of the parents are busy in their job and do not have much time to prepare heavy breakfast. Some of the delicious and easy kid breakfast ideas are given below.

Most Easy Kid Breakfast Ideas: Eggs

Eggs are undeniable delicious, healthy, and easy to makeEating eggs at breakfast time will increase the feeling of fullness in your kids and also maintains the level of blood sugar. Additionally, the yolk of the eggs contains zeaxanthin and the lutein. These are the powerful antioxidants that prevent many eye-disorders like cataracts, muscular degeneration, etc. Therefore, if you daily feed your kids with eggs, it will enhance their vision.

Healthy And Easy Kid Breakfast Ideas
Healthy And Easy Kid Breakfast Ideas

It also contains choline that is an essential nutrient for a kid’s brain and liver. So, give almost three eggs to your kids in breakfast because it contains almost 20 grams of protein that makes them stronger. 

Oatmeal In Breakfast

If your child loves cereals, oatmeal is a quick and easy kid breakfast ideaThe oatmeal is made from ground oats that have viscous fiber oat beta-glucan. This unique fiber contains many health benefits. The oats are also high in antioxidants that maintain blood pressure and prevent heart diseases. So, it is a very healthy breakfast for your kids. You should give at least one cup of oatmeal to your kids because it contains almost 6 grams of protein. To make a high protein breakfast, make it with pure milk, not in water.


Fruits are delicious and an amazing part of the nourishing and easy kid breakfast ideas. All the fruits mostly contain fiber, vitamins, and potassium and are also very low in calories. All the citrus fruits contain a high amount of vitamin C like one orange is enough to provide you 100 percent of daily needed intake of vitamin C. Fruits are filling because they have a high content of fiber and water. The antioxidants in fruits prevent your kids from many diseases. If you want, you can also pair it with cheese or some eggs for a balanced breakfast. 

Nutritious And Easy Kid Breakfast Ideas: Nuts

Nuts are a very tasty and satisfying breakfast for kids because they are filling and also maintain the body weight. All the nuts contain a high amount of monosaturated fat that is important for a healthy heart, potassium, and magnesium. The nuts are responsible for maintaining the insulin level and also reduce inflammation. Nuts are also very beneficial for diabetic people because they maintain and control or reduce blood sugar and cholesterol level.

Various Easy Kid Breakfast Ideas
Various Easy Kid Breakfast Ideas

Tasteful And Easy Kid Breakfast Ideas: Berries

Berries are very delicious and full of antioxidants. Popular and most needed types of berries are blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. They all are low in sugar but high in fiber. Give one cup or 120 grams of raspberries and blackberries to your kids in the morning and it will fill the need for fiber intake in their body. 


Breakfast is very important for an energetic day. It also helps you to stay fit and healthy. Thus, you should select the best breakfast ideas for your kids.

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