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3 Quick Breakfast For Kids

quick breakfast for kids

Children are picky when it comes to food. They don’t look for the health aspect in good instead they just want something delicious on their plates. All of this creates an extra chore for parents. Parents have to decide which recipe or food is best for them. However, the task becomes even more complicated if you are a working parent who is constantly in a hurry. It is not easy to come up with ideas. That’s why below is the list of 3 quick and simple breakfasts for kids that every parent must know.  


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Waffles are liked by children. A tasty yet easy to prepare recipe that anyone can go for. Just put some all-purpose flour in a bowl and add baking powder along with a pinch of salt. Then add a few spoons of sugar or honey whichever you prefer. Now mix all the ingredients. You can put eggs and vanilla essence in this mix for more flavor. Apply some oil in a waffle maker. Pour the liquid into it when the batter becomes smooth without any lumps. Within a few minutes, waffles will be ready.  



Filled with the goodness of fruits, smoothies are a really good option. Kids may not want to eat fruits but they cannot resist a colorful smoothie especially in the summer season. All you need is frozen bananas, a blender, and non-dairy milk such as almond milk, soya milk, etc. With smoothies, you can be creative and make your flavors. For example, for making a chocolate smoothie. Put one or two frozen bananas, one cup of milk, and cocoa powder in a blender. Let it blend and pour the drink in a glass. 


Another great breakfast choice for kids. The recipe for pancakes is very much similar to waffles. Start by mixing all-purpose flour, baking powder, and a pinch of salt in a big bowl. Then add melted butter along with one cup of milk. Mix everything using a whisk. Keep stirring it until all lumps are gone. Take a non-stick pan and apply some oil to its surface. Pour a little bit of smooth batter on the pan. Flip it when one side gets cooked. Bring it on a plate and pancakes are ready. 


Are you a parent who doesn’t have time and just wants to make a quick breakfast in the morning? In the above-mentioned article, you can learn a few simple breakfast recipes which kids would like too. The 3 quick breakfast ideas include the following. First, starting with waffles which are made by preparing a waffle maker, batter, or a mix. The next is tasty yet healthy smoothies. All you need is some fruits and a blender. Lastly, there are pancakes where you are all set with a batter and pan.

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